Hi, folks,

As promised from last year – we started this year’s trips at the amazing carp destination in Serbia – Mika Alas: jezeromikaalas.com

It was for the period from 10.04 till 13.04. Unfortunately till now the weather was awful – raining/snowing or we did not have any free time on our hands. Now we had very beautiful weather coming our way, sunny and with very little overcast.

So for the trip – we spent 3 days on 3rd and 4th place which created a lot of opportunity for us in terms of places to fish and we managed to change our tacking based on how the fishing was evolving.

In terms of tactics – we used very basic lines and very small size boilies or snowman to create critically balanced bait plus also balanced tigernuts that are very used on the lake. We managed to catch 21 fished from 9kg to 17kg. We did not manage to catch a bigger fish from the lake and that is something we will look forward to the next trip. Here are some photos from the fishes. One interesting fish was  the last one-eyed Jack that you can see bellow. The fish was born that way and has grown up into a great 16kg carp!

In terms of bait we used BFbaits Tangerine, the new Crab&Banana which looks a really nice boilie with great presentation and qualities  and the 14mm pink pepper and squid pop-up. One of the best pop-ups we have ever used!  Also we used Richworth’s pellets and bolies from the new series Red Krill. As usual constant feeding with the spomp and the strowing stick in a period of 2-3h between each feeding in the water.