After the trip to Romania it was time to plan the next one. After a lot of research we had made a decision – September session on the famous carp lake Pelagicevo. It’s in Bosnia and about 550km from Sofia. About three months earlier me made a reservation by contacting Mirko Peraica – an amazing carp angler and person! He is in charge for the reservations on this area of Europe and Germany as well.

So we had the place 29 on the lake which was a very interesting sector, on the right corner of the inside island type structure:the-swims


So we made a lot of preparation before the trip. A lot of boilies and pellets. Overall abour 40 – 45 kg of boilies and 20kg of pellets. We had a huge variety starting from Richworth, to Imperial baits and Dynamite baits.


On arrival, Mirco welcomed us with the most wonderful words – the fish are not feeding. On top of this, the weather was very hard for fishing – a lot of amplitudes from a very hot weather to 2 days of rain and hard wind. The good think was that the wind was coming from the left and pushing fish into our swim.

We got the spombs ready and the throwing stick and started putting food in the swim. Mirco was fishing on the right of us on sector 1. But he is an experienced angler spending more than 100 days on this swim. He stared a good session with a lot of fish in his swim in the range of 10 – 18kg. A very beautiful fish. And on top he placed a lot of food so the fish were always in his swim. Very happy for his fishing session. He gave us a lot of good advices and support during the visit.

So about our session. We investigated the area and found a plato of about 90 meters from the shore. We started fishing about 80-90 meter from shore. During that time we researched the place, talked with a few the anglers on the lake and started to think of how these 5 days are going to last.

On the first 2 days there was not a sound in our swim. Only on the second night we had a beep on the alarm system and on pulling the rod, the most amazing sight took place. We got a little owl on the line. It was 5 a.m. so it wasn’t a think that you might ever think you can catch or see. After 2-3 minutes of calming the bird down we got it free and flying..thank god :)


On the other day we had a little take. After taking the rod, we got a PB – 1kg crucian carp. Something that we were not so happy about but fish nevertheless.


A few hours later we got a take. It was a good fish. Unfortunately it did not have such a good grip on and it came off. Sadly we did not have good luck on this point.

So we made some changes. We got to a very light tackle with two different types of bait – a sweet type of small boilie rig and one which was half of 15mm DB’s crave, on 15mm Imperial bait’s Elite and 10mm fluro pop up from Richworth. Crazy huh? :)

So during the night of the fourth evening we had a slow drop on the left rod pod, which was on the close range of about 90meter. A quick pull on the rod and there was a pleasant weight on the other side. A good fight and the first fish of the trip was in the net. And what a fish! A 20.1kg mirror carp. Here are some pics from the fish:

20.1(2) 20.1

Pressure was a little down now. And as it usually goes when you find the tactic the fishing becomes more pleasant – you start to get some fish. Another take and a PB for us. A 20.9kg Grass Carp. A fish almost 110sm long:

20.9(1) 20.9(4)

We deserved a good night sleep. On the other day we spend on feeding in the lake, because we did not get any takes. But this gave us opportunity to meet two great carp anglers from Romania. I would like to point out here a great carp blog made by Catalin Toader. Cheerz mate! Here is a link to his blog to the article of this visit to the lake:

So here came the last night and we expected the fish. And they started to feed. We got two takes but unfortunately we got a grasscarp of 11kg and a catfish of 9kg. Interesting enough the catfish got the strongest take so far from all the fish. Well..what can you do:)

So the end of the trip came and we started packing. And like all the trips for this year we got a huge take on the right rod pod. A quick pull and the fight was on! The biggest fight so far and an amazing fish – 21.5kg 21.5 21.5(6) release

An amazing trip, on an amazing lake with some amazing people! That is what Carp Days is all about! Can’t wait to go back on 2015!

Here are some more photos from the lake: