Its June and it was time for our visit at the famous Romanian Monster Carp Lake. (

We did again a lot of research on this lake, conditions and tactics. Its important to know that there are very strict rules that have to be taken in mind. After all everybody should be careful with the fish and respect the lake for being what it is, thanks to the owner/s.

Back to the lake itself – it is situated near the Romanian city Arad, so it was about 9 hours drive from Sofia to the lake. It hold some huge carps ranging from 15kg to above 34kg.

We left at 01:00 a.m. and after a quick stop at the border and then at a coffee shop we were at the gates of the lake. Just Amazing!


It was very clean and looked after. The were trees around every sector and wooden tents build for the confort of the anglers. Wi-fi and electricity where the guard was living and a lot of piece and quite. That’s carp angling days!

So during the whole session which was again a short one – 72 hours we have gone through some amazing changes. The weather was extremely hot and for our surprise the fish were still spooning. The vegetation around the borders was moving and fish were fighting like hell. Amazing sight to see:


This was an obstacle for fishing. The lake itself has 6 sectors and the depth is equal everywhere on the lake – around 2.5 meters making it hard to find the fish or to create movement in them. We we prepared with different types of boilies and pellets. Mostly – Starbaits, Richworth and Imperial-baits. We started with some basic marking of the place we would fish with some spombs in the water and after that continue with the throwing stick. This was we would like to create a small amount of bait around the rig, because these carps were very aware. And so it happened – a very hard session until the end.

We didn’t have any takes or beeps during the first 65-8 hours, meaning – going totally crazy. On the other 2 sectors for this period there was only one fish. We were about to go blank. So it was all about changing tactics, watching some movies and reading. After all carp fishing is also about taking some time off :)

Because of the water being very clean and the fish so spooky, we though of changing a tackting and making very small baits with light fluro pop-ups and also making a Witty Pool Rig with 2 Richworth 10мм Hi-Viz Tuti pop-ups. This made the change for the last 4 hours of the session.

Around 5 a.m. we had a strong take on the right rod pod, but 2 seconds and the fish was…gone. Gone! This was a very sad moment for us because every fish here can bring you a BP or a very cool photo to share!

This fish took Imperial Bait Elite 15mm with 10mm fluro pop up, but having to deal with barbless hooks it got really easy to get off. This is the point where we feel that barless hooks are not the right choice. The lack of barb gives you more pressure to the fish making more damage to its mouth. In our opinion small barb point is the right choice. But back to the final hours of the trip.

After loosing it, we started to gather the camp and I continued to read my book while my brother went to have some work done on the PC. It was 9 o’clock a.m. and the left rod pod there was a huge take. It took the hanger so strong that i do not have the memory of how i got to the rod and pulled it. The fish was very strong and powerful. It took a lot of line and gave me a good fight. This was it – now or never! And we got it! My PB so far. A great 23.9kg common carp which was an amazing sight to see in this clear water. It took the 2 Richworth 10мм Hi-Viz Tuti pop-ups. So when the fish are not feeding, give them something interesting to investigate. And it did!


This is why we love carp fishing. 5 minutes can change 72 hours in a heartbeat!

Here are some more photos from the fish and the release. This is a very beautiful lake to visit, with a very nice owner and conditions. Our advice is to go at least for 5 – 7 days because the fish are difficult and its important to have the time to change the tactic based on the conditions.