Here is the movie from the trip:

Well it’s a dream came true kind of situation.

The time went by and our second trip to Rainbow lake (Lac de Curton) was in front of us. We had swim 6, called “the Fridge” for a week. We knew that it’s a good swim, a lot better than the one we fished last time (swim 14) so we were quite optimistic. Of course the weather was quite bad in terms of rain and variation in the temperature, but we had options in terms of where to fish as the swim had quite a lot of good places and there was quite a lot of information in the net, so we came well prepared.


We fish last week of March so it’s a time of the year where it’s either a good week or a really bad one. The week before us the fishing was quite slow (the temp got down 10 degrees), so we expected hopefully a better week with the temperature rising.

We decided to fish well spread out, so we got the two channels on the left and right well covered and also go for the far margins.

First night there was nothing besides a beaver/or nutria as we found later on/ really likes our float so it pulled the far margin rod and cut the shock leader. It was not the best feeling to go in the night to find out that there is nothing on the end of the line.

The first two days we blanked, so we tried to be really confident and persistent in the places where we wanted to fish. We decided that we would not rush things up and leave the rods in one place for a few days. That really changed the end result and with the weather beginning to warm up things got better.

Tuesday noon we had a strong take on the left channel rod. First fish, a common at 48 pounds or 22kg+.


Later on the rain started on again and my brother wanter to change the left far margin rod and place it on the right side of the swim but again on the far margin on the island. Again noon time, we had very short bleep and i saw the line go horizontally to the tree where the hook was and i shouted to my brother that we have a take. It was quite a hectic battle as the wind was quite strong and the rain kept on going. Luckily the battle ended with a second common at 45 pounds – 20+kg.


The funny thing was that we expected the most productive place to be the left channel rod next to a fallen tree. It’s quite famous spot and to our surprise it did not produce any fish so far. But 8 o’clock Wednesday we had a strong take and a 26pound common got in the net. Third fish – we were really happy ;)


Having a good productive two days we though things will continue like this but to our surprise it went numb all of a sudden. The next two days we did not had any action. But here we decided again not to do anything but to keep the rods that we felt confident without moving them.

On Friday night at 3 o’clock we had a good take on the rod in the middle channel between the islands next to a fallen tree. An amazing 23kg common was in the net, and we went back to the bank in the middle of the night in the most calm night with a full-moon showing us the way.


8 o’clock in the morning we had a strong take on the left channel rod, second bite and after a good fight i had the fish i really wanted – a good and fat mirror at 24kg or 54 pounds.


By the end of the trip we had two more takes. One from the left channel rod but on the second channel between two trees. It was really hard to pull the fish out and because the line was out of the second hook we did not manage to pull the fish out. Really gutted but in the end we had action and that was what it counted.

The fishing trip was coming to an end and we started packing up so we can go early in the morning back to Bulgaria. At 5 in the morning we had a take at the far margin rod with the last fish of the trip – again a 25 pounds common.


Overall we had 7 bites, 6 fish landed. 2 20s+, 2 40s+, 2 50s+. Could not be happier than this.

We used Nash4G squid for bait, and after the first day we decided not to use any particles or pellets.

Next time we go for a 60ty or 70ty for the might Rainbow lake ;)


Tight lines!

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