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It’s our last big trip for the year in 2017 – a week at Parco del Brenta – Italy. If you follow our blog or chnnel in youtube, you probably know that this is one of our favorite places to go fishing (here you can learn more about the lake:https://www.facebook.com/parco.delbrenta.1/).

Here is the video from our trip:

We had swims 15 to 18 for the first week in October. We drove off from Sofia and our friends came from London. We arrived Saturday noon in the beautiful area of Padua and spent the night in a house 2km from the lake. We managed to refresh and be ready for the next days at Parco.

The lake looked even better than before – everything was really well looked after and we were really bussing off for the next days and what monsters were about to come in the nets.

The start was really good – during the first night and morning, each swim had a few fish, with most coming from 17 and 18. They had a 20+ mirror from 18, and a 25kg+ and 26kg+ commons. We had peg 16 and had 2 carps between 16 and 19kg. Ivo and Angel who were in 15 had a few 15kg+ carps and lost a big fish (or at least they though so ;))

We found it a little hard this time as the fish was kind of spread all around the lake (considering that last year we were again in swim 16 and we had 100 runs for a week).  That was good for the lake as most of the anglers managed to get good fish. The weather was quite consistent during the week, but the fish did not want to stay on the gulp were we thought they will stay most of the time.

The first big fish in our swim came in day 2 with a strong take. The rod was in the air, when i managed to catch it and start playing the fish. 80% of the rods were in front of us fishing in the branches. (The most interesting part was that there were no fish in open water or the productive left hand rod, which last time managed to catch a lot of big commons. ) I managed to hook the fish, but it got in the threes, i saw the fish on top of the water handing on a branch. Have in mind – the fish are really crazy in Parco del Brenta. They go crazy and hard, so i thought that the best thing is to hold tight and see if the fish can free itself as i felt it quite good. So the fish actually broke a tree branch and freed itself. I was using a 0.35mm mono from RidgeMonkey and it really impressed me for being really resistant. Shockleaders and braid are forbidden so that was good news for us ;)

At the end of the line was a 24.2kg amazing mirror (a 52lbs) and our first fish 20+ from Parco del Brenta during this trip.

The next days continued to produce good fish wish average of 16kg – 19kg, with overall 6 fish above 20kg which is overall good result for us, considering that the fishing was harder that we thought. We had overall 34 fish our from close to 45 bites. We lost a few fish in the branches and a few hook pulls as the fish did had damages on their mouth. Here is also a call to action for all anglers – please treat these fish with care and consideration :)

I would point that big fish Thursday was really put its mark on the lake during this week. First in swim 17 the right rod pod did not produce any fish during the first 3 days. But in Thursday it ripped off from the open waters. And the fish was strong. Actually it was the biggest common i have ever seen. Strangely it was not a heavy fish, when it went on the scales – a 26.4kg common, which i really thought it was a 30kg+. Here are a few photos:


Really happy for Emo and Vasil who had 5 or 6 takes in 17 but all of the fish were above 24kg mark ;)

Back to our swim in 16, we continued to have a few takes with fish from 15kg-16kg to 24kg. I changed from PVA bags to method feeder as it was easier for me to recast. We saw that the more recast we did, the more fish we hood. Also the feeding was really consistent. We put each day close to 20-25kg, and the last 3 days we increased to 30kg, which resulted in more fish.

So thursday noon, i had a big take on my middle rod which was pointed in the trees in front. It was a 10kg mirror. I redid my rod and sent it back in the depth in front of me.  In 30 minutes a slow take and the fish was moving quite nicely. Slowly not, doing too much pulling and going crazy as the other fish. In short session it came in the net. My brother (as usually) said – it’s a small one, a common as the other one. I was quite sure it was not that small, and went down to take it with the sling. When i got near the carp (it’s quite deep and we need to go in the water in order to take the fish in the cradle) and when i saw it in the net i was – “it’s a lot bigger! A lot more than a 15kg common”. I managed to put it in the sling and asked for my brother to help me lift it up. The weight felt really nice and heavy. When we put it on the scales, my brother could not believe it. In the beginning it went over 30kg, but after that it stopped at 29.5kg – we had a 28.100 common in the cradle and a Personal Best carp for me. Parco del Brenta did it once again! (Last year my brother had a 27.600 mirror from the lake). So i i was speechless and over the moon. Here are a few photos from the fish:




Overall we had close to 100fish from all 4 swims with close to 20 fish above the 20kg mark. This was the biggest fish from the company and the only 60lbs+ fish. We had 8 fish 50lbs+ and all the other were between 30lbs to 48lbs. We used Nash 4G squick bait which resulted really nice in terms of efficiency and the fish did really fancy it.

We  are really looking forward coming to Parco in 2019 as in 2018 we are planning to spend some time at Rainbow lake in March and hopefully we will have a trip in Croatia or Hungary.

Here are more photos from the trip:


Right lines!



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