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We are in end of April 2017 and it was time for our first visit to a lake in Austria. First time visit to this country and we decided to visit the lake K1 which is situated near the city of Leibnitz. We made a reservation from Austrian paylakes (https://austrianpaylakes.b2zone.com/k1-lake-2/home) where you can directly book your stay which was really easy for us. To be fair most lakes are pretty difficult to book, especially if you are not from that country. Here we had no problem.

So for the lake – it’s quite big and deep which in end managed to be make it the most difficult lake we have fished so far. Its 14ha and it has depths from 3 to 9m. It’s a gravel pit with very clear and healthy waters.

We had swim 1 booked from 28th of April till 6th of May. Unlike other venues, here you get to fish 6 nights, instead of 7, kind of like a hotel ;)


We decided to fish with two kinds of boilies – Red Amo and Complex T by Dynamite. In addition to them we had small amount of pellets and seeds. We had information that the fish was not active so we did no bring to much food with us. (the person fishing on our swim had 1 fish the week before we were about to fish).

If you wonder why we chose to fish there and not some heavy stocked lake – it holds 5 or 6 fish abouve 34-35kg where we managed to talk with a few of the people that managed to catch them and some 100fish that are 20kg+. And having so clear water it would have been great to catch one of those fish. All of the carps that we have seen on photos were with amazing looks, healthy and strong. On top of that there are some grasscarps from 10 to 33kg.


Swim 1 is on the shallow side of the lake(2.5 – 4.5m), where during May the fish must be heading to spawn. The bad thing was that 3 weeks before our session there was a strong storm(here our memory of last year’s visit to Sumbar came like a nightmare) where the temp dropped with 10-15 degrees and the water temp dropped with 6-7 degrees. That really killed the fishing and they stopped to feed and move. So our hope was the good weather to turn things around.

During the whole stay we had good weather with temps between 14 and 20 degrees, with only a 4-5hours of small rain.

Overall for the 6 nights we spent on the lake we managed to catch 4 grasscarps between 12kg and 16kg. They took our 15mm red amo boilies with a small pop up on each of them.


DSC00452   DSC00457 DSC00472

DSC00517 DSC00508 DSC00498 DSC00474 DSC00466 DSC00473 DSC00465

Tight lines!

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