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It’s time to share another really amazing journey which we had with my brother. After the killer trip to Parco del Brenta (read full article here) we had a few days in September where we can go fishing. We decided to visit one of our favorite lakes – Monster Carp Lake in Romania (link to fb page here)

Here is the full video from the trip:

We had a few small fish in the beginning. Strangely they were around 5-6kg mark but nevertheless we kicked off. As usual the fish here is in amazing conditions as the owner takes really good care of. One of the best lakes you can visit.

During the night we had a beautiful 20+ kg common. The lake holds really big carps and we wanted to try and hook a few. Here are some photos from our first proper fish:



After that the next day we had more bites, but this was the biggest fish of the trip. Although the lake is pretty even with depth of about 2m the bigger fish were situated on the right. We had overall 9 fish for the trip two of which were 20+ and a 19+ carps. The other fish were between 5 and 13kg as two of the carps were fully scally mirrors which was a big prize for us.

the people on sector 3 had really good results with fish up to 25kg. That’s luck and may be more experience on the lake ;)

We used only boilies with really small amount of corn. We had WLC boilies which we had on our trip to Parco in Italy and the new 4G Squid by Nash. A really great boilie to be fair ;)

DSC00221 DSC00219

DSC00213 DSC00205 DSC00200 DSC00194 DSC00189 DSC00182  DSC00118 DSC00111

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