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I had a quick weekend session at a local lake 5km from Sofia. It’s a pretty gravel pit which few beautiful mirror carps. Usually we do not write about every trip we have, or at least we don’t write for the usual short visit near where we live. This time i had a pretty good reason to share my story with you ;)

The usual problem that this swim has is that it has a lot of branches, even depth, it’s quite big and the fish is not very competitive. As a mentioned it’s not so well looked after and unfortunately the carps are getting fewer each year/or at least the big ones/. This brings very often a dry landing net with no fish on the bank. And this was a swim that we had visited a few times but without any luck. We either were not on the fish or the swim in front of us did not have any interesting features and the good spots were occupied from other anglers. This time i was at decent spot. I had very big amount of water in front of me and very limited time. I started casting a bear lead to find a good place but everything seemed the same in terms of depth and bottom. And so i decided to test the new Deeper Pro+. And to be fait it did the trick – here is why.

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I knew the fish were not too far away. They patrolled some 10 to 30 meters away from the bank near trees and features. The only feature i managed to find in front of me was a plato that was only 0.3 to 0.5m above the average depth that was in front of me. I clipped the line and measured the line with my distance sticks. That is what i love about the deeper when casting from the bank. You can be very, very precise with this precious ball ;)


I measured the distance and started baiting up. Here are some screenshots from the view in front of me. The usual depth was about 7.1m to 8.00. When i found the depth of 6.7 which was about 1 – 2 m in diameter i decided at once to bait this spot. 3 kilos of boilies with very few particles and other goodies and the wait began.


And to show how the bottom looked like some 10-15 meters on the right ;)


And in a few hours the bite was one. On my fourth visit to the lake i was on the fish and nailing them. 5 fish for 12 hours. I was happy, my goal for this swim is 50% covered. Now the next is a good old 20kg common, which i really want to see in my landing net. Time will tell but i know that when i have a lot of water with even bottom and very few features, the DeeperPro+ is really useful item for every carp angler.

Here are some of the fish i managed to catch. Sorry for some of the photos but i was by myself:

14233336_10207060490420285_1932391287_o 14247660_10207060489860271_58090372_o 14285087_10207060492380334_1815151907_o 14285226_10207060491260306_2023581649_o

In terms of difficulty the Deeper is really easy to use. I installed the app on my iphone and the app is very intuitive and easy to use. I think in cases where you want to find a close spot and be as precise as possible – this will do the trick. If anybody have any questions about the product please give me a message or email. I would be more than happy to support with any questions.

Tight lines!



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