Here is our latest video from fishing paradise lake in Italy – Parco del Brenta:

Hi, folks,

It’s been some time since our last trip in Europe (Lake Pelagicievo) and we were really looking for our trip to lake Parco del Brenta in Italy. It’s an amazing lake with really big carps and deep fresh waters. We had a reservation for swim 16 and our friend Ivan from London was at 15. We drove off at 5.00 a.m. from Sofia and managed to get to the lake around 16:30 local time.

It was Saturday and we managed to get one day before our reservation. This meant we had plenty of time to set the rods, bivvy and all the equipment. 4 hours later the rods were in the water, the pizza came to swim 16 with a couple of cold beers and life was good ;)

Ivan came to swim 15 around 21:00h and also had a pizza waiting for him. Unfortunately he did not manage to get any rods in the water but the bivvy was up and they managed to get a good rest after the long drive from London.

First night at Parco del Brenta was quite busy but unfortunately the fish that was active was not the one we were after.  We managed to get some 10 or 12 channel catfish which did really got us worried as we were wondering – is this what we are going against? So around 02:00 a.m. the cats stopped feeding, and we managed to get some sleep. Overall the weather was great, we had plenty of time to think how to approach the swim as we did get quite a lot of research on the internet.

Early start, redo all the rods with pva bags and pop ups and the fight was on. First fish around 12:00 – 14.5kg amazing black mirror:


We were happy and more confident with our tactic. Next 10 minutes – second bite, but the fish was lost. Well – we managed to get the fish in front of us and find the rigs and bait that they like.

It was around 14:00 when the left rod went. Quick pull and the hook was set. The fish felt quite heavy. After 15 minutes, the next rod went of as well. As my brother was fighting with his fish, i managed the second rod. And what a lake. My brother caught his BP of 27.600 mirror. I had a 20.100kg mirror. Well what a start.

DSC09101 DSC09099 DSC09124

And this went on and on during the next week. We had built a momentum and the fishing started to grow. We put everyday around 12 to 15kg of boilies and pellets with very small amount of corn and grown-bait. After day 3 we redo all the rods on PVA bags. After each cast in a matter of 1 minute to 15 minutes we had a take. It was crazy. We fished on the far margin next to 2 fallen trees and two rods on the left at some 30-35m from the shore.

As for the bait we used WLC boilies which did get really amazing results with a small yellow pop up. Bait size – 14mm bottom with 12mm pop up. Hook size from 6 to 8.



Overall we took 76 fish at Parco del Brenta for the whole session with 16 fish above 20kg. One of which was my brother’s PB at 27,600kg mirror and i had a PB mirror at 25.400kg.

DSC09698 DSC09567 DSC09437 DSC09428 DSC09362 DSC09342 DSC09305 DSC09278 DSC09275 DSC09227 DSC09216 DSC09202 DSC09198 DSC09172 DSC09167 DSC09162 DSC09154

We can’t wait for next year to visit the Parco again. As usually Antonio’s hospitality and management of the lake are really amazing and we wish him all the best with this carp paradise.

Parco del Brenta is one of the carp fishing gems in Europe and we really advise for people who wish to have a wonderful time near the bank to visit the lake!

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