Update 2018:


Hi, friends,

After a long (really long) wait our time came to put our rods to the test on the famous Rainbow lake (Lac De Curton) in France. We went along with our Bulgarian friends Ivan and Miro coming from London. They had peg 16, while we were fishing on peg 14, which after quite a lot of research turned out to be one of the difficult swims on the lake. Nevertheless we were packed with optimism, after all – we were going to fish at Rainbow. How cool was that? :)

So we left Sofia at 2200 and the long drive started. We had 2500km ahead of us, crossing a few countries – Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy and quite a drive in France. We took the road through the Alps showed us some amazing sights:



In a day drive we arrived in the small town called Villandraut. It is situated some 20km from the lake. A quick dinner and some good night sleep. The next day we were about to be on the lake!


The lake is something else, nothing compared with what we have fished so far /with regards to all the venues we have visited so far/. We waited the guys before us to free the swim and we started to put our gear and set up the camp. It was quite a lot of work to settle everything. Having in mind that you fish with 4 rods per person we had quite a lot of work with my brother. In the end, late in the night we had all of our rods in the water. We decided to fish on the right side of the swim(at least that was what we were told and found based on the research we did). The swim has really interesting features as we had our traps set up on different areas. We had rods in open water in depths from 2 to 4 meters and had rods put close to shores near trees and branches.

DSC08392DSC08395  DSC08385 DSC08376

During the first day we had no action. I quickly woke up during the morning to look for fish showing on the water, so we can see some movement and where the fish are having a bite. Unfortunately….no action on the water or around us :)

The lake was quite slow during the whole week. The swim next to us had 3 fish (i think) for the 9 days they had spent so far. Nevertheless we continued to look for fish, analyze the water in front of us and go after the mighty carp from Rainbow lake.

Luckily our friends staying at 16 had a fish during the next day and lost a fish in the morning. We saw some movement and started to gather optimism. The fish was a beautiful long common coming from the channels that is part of the waters from swim 16. We decided to put also a rod in the channel that is part of our swim.

We fished with two different kinds of boilies. We took Nutty Crunch boilies from Eric Smith who is pretty known on the Rainbow waters and helped us quite a lot with information for the lake(thanks mate!). The other boilies were CC More Pacific Tuna and Live system. As a pop up we used below the boilie half of a brazil nut with some foam inside it for balance.

Unfortunately the fishing was not going as we planned and we did not get any action, as most swims during the week. The weather was really nice for a picnic but not for fishing – quite warm for March with strong wind. The fish did not like that so much.

10989486_1136461813039459_9127315665038049470_o 943831_10205813057715247_8744723331989543067_n

Here are some more photos from peg 16 where our friends had their camp. Amazing lake, really nice features and furniture:) !



DSC08489 DSC08488 DSC08487

We started to fall in love with the lake, despite not having any fish. In the end fishing is not always about catching all the fish.

DSC08417 DSC08406

But as we all know carp fishing has its magic. And day 6 came and at 1000 am, we had a drop on one of our rods that we put out in open waters on the far right. It was on 4 meters depth right after a plato. A quick jump in the boat and we started to play the fish. Soon we had our first Rainbow carp on the bank!

DSC08503 DSC08502 DSC08501

The fish weighted around 33lbs (close to 15kg). It was not the monster that we wished for but was a Rainbow carp nevertheless. We were happy!

We put the fish back in the water and gave that rod another go. Unfortunately we did not get any takes until the end of our trip. We think we tried our best as it was our first time on Rainbow. We gave some thoughts about what we might have done better. It is all in the list for the next time on the magical Lac De Curton.

We finished with a nice piece of paper that we will keep tight until we arrive back on the lake. We have some waiting till then.



Tight lines!