Hi, friends,

I managed to get away for a wonderful weekend at one of the most beautiful lakes in Bulgaria – Strelci. A small pond with good stock of mirrors, commons¬†and grass carp. Despite being end of the year, the weather was amazing and the fish was also active. For 2 days i managed to catch around 16 fish, from 6 to 13kg, amazing and long commons and a few mirrors. The lake will continue to be in our list for next year’s visits. Here is a short movie with some photos:


IMG_0197 IMG_0163 IMG_0158 IMG_0151 IMG_0137 IMG_0099 IMG_0109 IMG_0128

p.s. A strong take and in a second the line went loose. A pike or zander had a good taste of my CC moore fish boilies ;)

Tight lines!