Hi, friends,

After the amazing trip at Parco in June (click here ) we had to take some time off from fishing which we spent at the office. And in a few weeks we started planning some short trips as we did not have any time for longer ones. So we managed to get two weekends off from Sofia and headed to 2 different venues.

Weekend 1: We spent at Konska, a lake 50km from Sofia. We did not plan to make a strong preparation or push ourselves too hard. We arrived around 6:30am at the venue and waited for the gates to open. We chose to get on the left side of the swim, where we had a small point that was giving us a good distance for the other part of the lake. All the fish is situated a few meters from the other shore where a lot of weed, trees and branches are situated. Here are some photos from the trip. We managed to catch a few carp which made the trip a pretty good Saturday :)




And a small but gorgeous carp:


Weekend 2: We wanted to spend a few nights away from Sofia during the weekend. After looking for a good venue we decided to go near the border with Greece in the Rodopi mountain. There we went to a recently opened venue – Lovcha lake, which we can mark with the amazing nature of the mountain. We did go in a place where go very few people and you can connect with the nature. Hopefully the managers of the lake manage to get the conditions for fishing better as we feel that there is room to grow there :)

We went through a very difficult fishing conditions based on where our swim was – we fished between 4 and 6 meters of depth. There was quite a big difference in the temperature of the water because of a few showers and a 2h storm. I have never heard so many thunders during a fishing trip. All the fish was in the middle of the water or 1.5m below the surface. And no zig rigs or surface fishing managed to get their attention.  :).

In the end we managed to catch some fish – about 7-9 carps from 6 to 13kg and lots of small carps. Here are some pics from the trip. I wish all the luck to the owners and hopefully they will continue to improve the lake as one thing is certain there – the nature is absolutely amazing and the swim can become very special:

IMG_5448 IMG_5426 IMG_5420 IMG_5418 IMG_5413 IMG_5390 IMG_5375

Best of luck and tight lines!