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It finally happened! In the beginning of the year i had the chance to book 3 sectors on the amazing Parco del Brenta in Italy. And finally the time came to test ourselves with the Italian carps. We had a company coming from London – team Richworth that had the swims 4 and 5 next to ours. We were at swim 3 which was said to be one of the good ones on the lake with a good plato just in front of the swim.

We arrived the previous day at a hotel 5 minutes away from the lake so we managed to take a walk in the area, see some restaurants and supermarkets that were going to be of use for the next week. We arrived next day on the lake, recharged and started walking around to find more information. The session was about to start in the evening so we went round the lake, talked with a couple of fisherman and discussed tactics. The fish was feeding only during the night from 10/11 pm till 5am so we prepared everything and set the traps for the night.

DSC 1012


We had our tactics on two baits –  BFBaits – Tangerine and Krill, Startbaits the new Probiotic Monster Crab and Richworth – Red Krill. We tested a few other but it did not lead to any takes so this was the most productive bait on our swim. We fed once per day with pellets, small amounts of corn, groundbait and crushed boilies and continued to feed with boilies only after each fish.

As for the fishes we started really strong and for the first 4-5 hours of the trip each swim managed to catch some good fish. First the swim next to us -Vasko caught a PB of 24.5kg mirror. Then next to them our friend and Richworth representative Ivan caught an 19kg common. In 30 minutes we had a really big take and caught another 19kg mirror. Here are some more pictures of the fish:


DSC 0217DSC 0211 DSC 0204 DSC 0185

This continued during the whole week as the fish were between 12 – 19kg and there were some big fighters! We had a situation where a carp was fighting for 1 hour! This was the hardest fight ever and was really an amazing feeling when we got the fish on the cradle. The biggest surprise was it’s weight – 15kg common carp, a really wild one! And fighting it from 03:00am to 04:00am with the sun rising was really impressive :)

IMG_5093 IMG_5096

Usually we had between 6-8 fish per night where we had a few catfish in between the carps. This changed our tactic a little as we really wanted to dismiss the cats from feeding and luckily they narrowed down after the first 2 nights. Amazingly there were cats up to 12kg. Hungry fish.

On the third day we had a really big storm. A lot of rain and thunders. Here is the place to add that the weather was really really hot during the whole week so this influenced the fish a lot to be more dull and not such on a feeding frenzy. The rain was something that we expected to move the carps and increase the feeding rate. It actually did not change much besides having a very good common during the last light of the day – the only carp from the bright part of the day. We have some amazing videos taken during the catch so in the next few weeks we will share this as well. Here are some photos from the fish:

IMG 5122IMG_5126

Until the end of the trip we finished with close to 20 carps, a few grasscarps and some catfish. We left some of the big carps for next year which we already started planning. To be fair this is one of the most beautiful and well looked after lakes so we wish Antonio all the best!

Here are some more photos of fish and nature during our stay:

IMG 5227 IMG 5215 IMG 5201 IMG 5131IMG 5087 IMG 5064 DSC 0961 DSC 0953 DSC 0948 DSC 0861

IMG_5247 IMG_5197

IMG_5183 IMG_5186 IMG_5170


So here is the place to thank Antonio and his family for the great hospitality. We are definitely coming back next year so stay tuned for more Italy carps :)

DSC 1008

Tight lines!