Hi, friends,

After a long week at the office it wasn’t long for me and my brother to arrange a short visit for the weekend to a lake near Sofia. It’s a 45 minutes drive to a small lake with a good population of beautiful common carps and sturgeon. We arrived close to 0700 am and started preparing the rods. We decided to use sweet boilies and feed with seeds and crushed-up boilies regularly. The new bait that we also wanted to test was the long-waited “The Key” from Nash. The boilie that they say catch the biggest fish in the lake…so we wanted to put it to the test :)

Apart from “The Key” we got two buckets of banana and pineapple boilies from BFBaits that we served on a snowman with 15mm pop up pineapple or with plastic yellow corn on the top. We started slow with a small 6-7kg sturgeon.


After it my brother got a good take and managed to pull out a beautiful common close to 12kg. It put a good fight and had a very colourful red tail.


From that point on it went quiet for some time. That was the period when we started thinking what to do and how to approach this trip. Actually we were quite lazy and did not push ourselves too much as we wanted to take a little break and enjoy the good weather.

And then all of a sudden we had a bite on The Key. A very short take and i saw a tail on the other side of the lake showing above the water. Having in mind that there are 2 big fishes in the lake i had a feeling that one of them was on the other side of the rod. Of course i am talking about beluga sturgeon – both above 20kg – one 22kg and the other 24kg. When i pulled the rod i had a good heavy weight on the other side. I was almost sure i had one of these fish. After a 10 minutes fight we managed to somehow put it in the landing net – a beautiful 22+ kg beluga sturgeon and PB.


From that moment we had the pressure completely off so the trip continued with full speed – we managed to get 4 more amazing carps on the bank between 8 – 12 kg. Very strong fish that made our day completely amazing. Interesting part of the lake is that all the fish is situated on the opposite bank so we had to go a good distance and having a strong wind blowing in front of us made it even more interesting.

Hope we visit this lake in the next couple of months again and continue what we started here ;)

Tight lines!