Its time to present our last trip to the famous Balkan Carp Lake – Mika Alas (http://www.jezeromikaalas.com/). During the amazing time at lake Pelagicevo in September (you can check the trip here:) we met some anglers from Greece and Serbia, who told us about this beautiful place near Belgrad that hold some amazing carps. After some investigations, calls and research we had a reservation from 14th till 17th of November. It was time to go Carp Fishing again!

We were at place 4 which is in the middle of the lake. Right from the arrival we were welcomed by a strong blowing wind. Adding to the subject the date of fishing – it was about to be some cold days!

But after a few hours of review of the lake, depths and distance we were ready to start fishing!

So about the tactics – we were prepared with some smelly stuff from Dynamite baits – Crave and Source, BFbaits – Squipex and Tangerine and Richworth – XLR8 and S-core. The tactic – constant and small feeding with Spomb in time range of 2 to 3 hours and also after a catch. A tactic that have given us a lot of success. The difference was that we used all easy degradable particles and seeds. Also one of the secrecies that we used was hot water for boilies and pellets for faster work in this cold water. So in about 3 hours the camp was ready and we started getting rods in the water.

After 5 hours there was no beep in our camp or anywhere on the lake/besides one fish that was taken when we dropped on the lake/. And around 9 o’clock p.m. one of the rods when off.  After 3 seconds the fish was gone. Unlucky start of the trip! But this gave us a good clue – the fish wanted some small baits. It had a hold on Crave 15mm + pink pop up Pepper 10mm.  And also we thought that PVA were really good choice, so we started working on improving the tactic.

After 3 hours we god the first fish in the net. A beautiful 10+kg common. It was about to get better!


We started using a sandwich type on the hair – two halfs of 15mm boilie and in the middle a pop up boilie cut in both ends. Because of the strong wind and the cold water we wanted to use small baits but as well being very balanced. From that point we managed to catch during the next 24 hours 7 more fish.

During the late morning we got a very slow take which was proving to be a good fish. On pulling the rod it felf it was about to be a good fish. After a good fight we got in the net a very beautiful mirror hitting it at 21kg! This was our 4rth fish above 20kg from 4 different countries for this year and 5 as a whole. We have fishes from Bulgaria, Romania, Bosnia, France and now Serbia. Great achievement so far! Here are some pics from the beauty!tumblr_nf749osXgY1teopbjo2_1280

tumblr_nf749osXgY1teopbjo1_1280 tumblr_nf749osXgY1teopbjo4_500

So in the end of the trip we managed to catch 9 fish from which 1 – 21kg, 1- 19kg, 1 – 16kg, 1 – 15,5kg,  1 – 15kg, 1-12kg, 3 – 11kg. A great 3 days trip for the middle of November with the tep of the water at 8 degrees!

So here are some more beauties:

We will see the lake again in 2015!

Best of luck from us!

If you need any info from us, you can contact us anytime!