Hi, friends,

As the season started (you can check how it started here: http://carpdays.com/?p=246 ) it was time for the first trip in Bulgaria. As usual we planned to visit the most beautiful Bulgarian lake: Agov Dol Lake. What was different now was that we had friends from Romania visiting the lake –  Catalin and Marian who we met during our visit @ Pelagicevo lake last year. So it was time to do some serious carp fishing! We had 4 days /3 nights/ to present Bulgaria at its finest. So hopefully we did :)

We fished on the long and more shallow side of the lake, where Marian was on the right having access to the middle of the lake where it creates an angle, Catalin was fishing in the middle with access to the other side of the shore with a lot of fallen trees in the water and we were on the left, again fishing on the other side of the lake in the shallower water with a lot of features to cover in different depth.

Day 1:

During the first night there was a little movement in front of us and we had a couple of bites but nothing significant with a few fish up to 10kg. Here are some photos from the lake:


_DSC0262 _DSC0260


_DSC0272 _DSC0266

Day 2 and 3:

The next day started really strong as in the morning we caught a nice 14.5kg long and wild common carp. It put a big fight and in the same time Marian was having a fish as well. He caught a nice mirror. Here are some photos with the fishes:

_DSC0238 _DSC0241

From that point on the fishing became interesting with ups and downs as Marian had the biggest fishes, while we along with Catalin managed to catch a few beauties between each other. Here are more photos of the fishes and the lake:

_DSC0311 _DSC0346 _DSC0348 _DSC0282 _DSC0269


Last day:

On the last day we had a couple of fish as Marian kept on catching the big ones. We finished the trip with a lot of beautiful and wild carp with the biggest going up to 18+kg. Most of the carps are born and breed in the swim and because of the clean and deep water they fight like crazy. Marian had a very big fish on his line that managed to get away right in the end of the trip. The 20+ will be kept for next time as the lake holds a lot of fishes in that range.

Thank you for the visit again, Catalin and Marian! Looking forward to our next trip together :)



In terms of bait we used BFBaits – Tangerine, Black Squid, Crab & Banana and Frankfurter. We used 2x 20mm boilies in order to select proper fish. If you would like to have more fishes but in the lower ranges up to 10kg, you can go for a snowman with smaller bait.

Catalin and Marian used Dynamite’s – The Source which gave some right results as well.

Here are more pictures from the lake:

This is the place where i would like to thank Mario – the owner of the lake who did all his best that we enjoy the stay. Did some great cooking and of course supported us during the whole trip with tips and good company :)

Here is a link to the website of the lake: www.agovdol.com
Here is a link to the facebook page with more photos: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005540942759&fref=ts

Also i would like to add here the carp fishing Wikipedia in Romania for everybody that is interested and understand the language: http://revistadecrap.ro/

You can write us anytime for support and more information about the lake and conditions: ipanta89@gmail.com

Tight lines!