Me and my brother had an opened weekend so we spent 2 days in one of the most beautiful and prosperous lakes – Agov dol. Here is link to its website: A few important things for the lake:

– it is close to Sofia
– the road to it is good, which means that the rain is not such a problem
– there is a baitshop there and you can always buy quality bait
– there is a lot of wooden houses on the lake, that you can rent, so the bivvy is not a must

So about the trip – we used different baits from Dynamite baits to BFBaits. It was a a very interesting trip with ups and downs. We had to put a lot of baits in the spot and work against a very strong wind. That was the biggest trouble actually as the fish was moving from one end of the lake to the other. Never the less we managed to catch a few big carps and some average fellows. Here are some photos:



Really looking forward to coming again in 2015 and have the chance to meet some of the 20kg+  fishes.